Build the future with us!

Support and funding are essential in sustaining institutions of higher learning.

Our support and funding come majorly from different sources which include tuition fees paid by students, grants and donations from individuals, business entities, government and other local and international sources.

The funding is used to give students a high-quality teaching and learning experience, fund world-class research and increase our contribution to society.

We also work together with other institutions of higher learning to improve the overall finances of higher institutions through:

  • Influencing government policies affecting the financial status of universities and colleges.

  • Taking steps aimed at improving the financial management and transparencies of universities and colleges.

  • Identifying financial risks and opportunities and helping other universities and colleges develop strong financial strategies.

Financial support can go a long way in helping you achieve your aims and aspirations.

The UK government offers financial aids and support in various forms to international students. You can check out the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)'s website to check out their eligibility requirements.

There are other grants available for you if you intend a graduate programme in science and research studies.

If you’re interested in research placement, you can check out the following:

  • Euraxess UK offers research placements in the UK

  • Royal Society Grants offers grants for Postdoctoral science research

  • The Newton Fund and other funding initiatives provide grants for researchers from certain countries.

  • The Commonwealth Scholarships offers Postgraduate scholarships for citizens of Commonwealth countries. This grant is funded by the UK government.

  • Joint scholarships open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey.

  • A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship Programme offers a scholarship for English language teacher to develop their skills in the English language. It is available for students from selected countries

  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships are available for Master’s studies in science, creative industries technology, medical sciences, renewable and clean energy. This scholarship is open to students from Canada, China, India, Pakistan and the USA.

  • Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships for Doctoral studies, research, visiting fellows and Scottish summer school. This grant is available only to students from Pakistan.

  • UK-China HE Research Partnership for PhD Studies. This grant is available for students from China and the UK

  • Marshall Scholarship for Masters and doctoral courses at any university in the UK. This grant is available for students from The USA.

  • Marshall Sherfield Fellowships is Post-doctoral research in science and engineering available at any university in the UK for students from the USA.