The parent-teacher association (PTA) is an association of parent, teachers and other stakeholders in education work together to improve students’ welfare and performance.

Our PTA comprises of many families, teachers, administrators, business owners and community leaders committed to the success of our students and the school in general.

Our PTA is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that serves as a voice for all children of school age and an advocate of public education.

Our PTA membership is open to any member of the society interested in making contributions towards the education, health and welfare of pupils and students irrespective of age in our school.

Essentially, our PTA seeks to advance education by fostering maximum co-operation between home, school, education authorities, the government and other stakeholders interested in the welfare of our students.

Actually, our PTA is not directly saddled with the management activities of the school but is active in the election of parent representatives in the school governing bodies.

Halcyo’s PTA is funded by its own members through the collection of membership fees. Other ways of raising funds by our PTA involves parent donations, organising fund-raising activities which can involve sales campaign, securing support from business owners and the community.

The major goals of our PTA are to ensure that a child receives standard education, augment the budgetary needs of the school, providing much-needed school supplies to facilitate learning and to present the teachers with the necessary support needed to discharge their duties effectively.

Students have been noted to perform better in schools where PTA is active. The presence of parents within the school can go a long way in improving the school climate and also make the school a safer environment for their kids.

PTA volunteers are known to take up extra classes to reduce the workload of overburdened teachers, teach students important life skills and also serve as role models to students.

Our PTA enables parents to be in constant touch with the school happenings and activities, what the students are learning and what is to be expected of their wards.